Monday, June 21, 2010

Week of June 20

▪ Birthday People 7 PM

▪ Morning Prayer 7 AM

▪ Worship 10 AM
▪ Deacons 11:30 AM

Helping Hands Sock Swap - Do you need low-cut men’s socks? Due to an over supply of low cuts and a need for longer crew length socks, Ruth Wainwright has announced a “sock exchange.” Next Sunday you can trade a new pair of crew socks for a new pair of low cuts.

Love God/ Love Neighbor Group from the Clearing - Laura and members of the Clearing group (Sarah Chauncey, Kathleen Fahmi, Juli Schaefer, and Jim Uleman) are meeting this summer to explore loving God and loving our neighbors - friendly strangers right in our neighborhoods - more deeply. We plan on meeting regularly this summer, and sharing ways of engaging both God and those around us. Upcoming dates will be announced.

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