Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week of October 24

▪ Choir 7 PM
▪ Community Network for Career Development, Good Shepherd Church 7-9 PM

▪ Morning Prayer 7 AM

▪ Worship 10 AM
▪ Sunday School
▪ Exploring Faith 11:30 AM
▪ Children’s Choir 11:30 AM
▪ Youth Group at Tappan Reformed Church 5 PM

All Hallows’ Eve - Faith is contagious - what person gave you yours? Sunday is All Hallows’ Eve, the day before All Saints' Day, and we would like it to have a special "saintly" spin. Come dressed as someone whose faith has shaped or inspired your own. It may be someone you know personally, someone from the Bible, or a historic or public figure. Caution - you never know when your own faith might be spreading to someone else!

Election Day Bake Sale - On Tuesday, Nov. 2, the Women’s Association will hold a day-long bake sale as the NPC Great Hall serves as a polling site for the election. We need baked goods and volunteers to help that day. Please sign up in the narthex on Sunday if you can help.

Helping Hands - The annual Helping Hands Benefit Gala will be held on Thursday, Nov. 4, at the Pearl River Hilton. Tickets are $80 per person ($35 is tax deductible) and donations of auction items are welcome. See Ruth Wainwright for details.

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