Monday, September 13, 2010

Week of September 12

▪ WA Morning Circle 9:30 AM
▪ Ministries 7:30 PM

▪ Choir 7 PM
▪ Community Network for Career Development (CNCD)
at Good Shepherd Church 7-9 PM

▪ Morning Prayer 7 AM
▪ WA Evening Circle 7:30 PM

▪ Worship 10 AM
▪ Sunday School
▪ Deacons 11:30 AM
▪ Youth Group at Tappan Reformed Church 5 PM

Back to School - Sunday School and Youth Group will begin on Sunday.

Sunday Child Care - The church is in need of a babysitter for Sunday mornings. If you know a caring and qualified person for this paid position, please contact the office.

Save the Date - Current elders and deacons are asked to circle Saturday, October 9, on their calendars as a tentative date for an Officers’ Retreat. Further details will be announced shortly.

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